Cowan Calls for Finally Hooking up Unadilla to County Fiber Optic Emergency System

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2 min readMar 16, 2022


Lori Cowan says county must hook up Unadilla to fiber optic system.

Livingston County should use some of its federal covid relief funds to connect the last township to the county’s 911 fiber optic system after years of delay, a Democratic candidate for county commissioner says.

Lori Cowan, candidate for county commissioner in District 3, told the Livingston County Commission recently that Unadilla has waited long enough to be added to the county system.

“I am hoping that somewhere in your proposed expenditures for the (covid relief) funds, you will be allocating money for the 911 fiber optic project by hooking up Unadilla, which is the last remaining township without it,” she said.

Cowan, who is a Unadilla Township trustee, says she believes Unadilla is being overlooked.

The county project began in 2009. Putnam Township, which is adjacent to Unadilla, was the next-to-last area of the county to be hooked up, with the commission voting in 2016 to extend the high-speed system to that community’s fire station.

The cost for Putnam Township was estimated at $90,000 at the time, with half paid by a county Homeland Security grant and half with county general fund dollars.

But in the six years since then, nothing has been done to add Unadilla Township to the network.

“The county’s project started in 2009. Here we are 13 years later, and Unadilla Township residents are left with 911 service that is inferior to the rest of the county. That is unacceptable,” Cowan said.

The fiber-optic network is a secure network serving law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency services. It is considered the fastest and most reliable system for emergency communications.

Cowan is the only Democrat running in District 3, which includes southern Handy Township; the townships of Iosco, Putnam, and Unadilla, and the southwest corner of Hamburg Township.

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